In addition to working with the tarot, Rev Su also does I Ching coin throws, pendulum Q & A sessions, rune castings, and cleromantic lot castings using a tool she designed herself.

Readings are $20 and last about 20 minutes. Clients trust intuitive readings by Rev Su because she offers the right tool for their needs, and always provides written session notes for study and meditation.

Rev Su offers readings in the greater Raleigh area in-person and at parties, and worldwide by email or Skype.

For an additional $20 fee, your full-color, typed tarot reading results can be mailed to any U.S. address. Or, for $10, it can be emailed as a PDF file worldwide. Just let Rev Su know at the time you book or get your intuitive reading!


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tarot cardsRather than being set out in a traditional spread, these readings are intuitive. That means Rev Su lays out all the cards the questioner has handled, and feels each one for a physical sensation that says, "Pick me!" There are no reversed meanings in Rev Su's intuitive tarot readings.




I Ching coinsThis is a traditional Chinese form of lot casting divination using three two-sided coins. Rev Su uses paint to draw the resulting hexagram, along with its name and meaning.




Futhark runes in a bagThe Futhark runes are Old Norse letters that also have esoteric meanings. The questioner puts their hand in the rune bag to imbue them with their energy, then draws as many as feels right. Each one has a meaning and its opposite.




divination pendulumAfter the questioner answers some calibration questions to determine the pendulum's answers for that session, Rev Su acts as a conduit for the answers to up to seven yes-no-maybe questions being asked.




divination lotsCleromancy is divination from random groupings of objects. After handling the lots, the questioner cast them onto the table and Rev Su interprets the resulting tableau based on the interactions of the lots and the piece representing the questioner. A choice is made based on the situation, and the lots are cast again. This process is repeated twice.



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Long-Distance or In-Person Readings

Rev Su gives intuitive readings in English. There are 67 countries that have English as a primary or secondary language. Anyone in the world who knows English with access to email or Skype can get a reading! Remember to add a message about the full-color, typed session summary, if you choose to have one mailed or emailed to you.

Can't meet or Skype? Get a personal email reading!All readings can be performed by email at any time. Click here to email Rev Su and be sure to include these three bits of information: your first name, reading type choice, and a brief description of your reading's topic, if any. You will be invoiced through Square and will not receive your reading results until payment is complete.


Rev Su can give readings by Skype by appointmentIf you need to have a reading by Skype, please use the BOOK NOW button on the right side of the screen to reserve your time. In the notes section while making your appointment, please indicate your Skype username. You will be invoiced through Square prior to your appointment.



Get an in-person meeting with Rev Su in Raleigh, NC If you prefer to have a reading in person, please use the BOOK NOW button on the right side of the screen to reserve your time. Readings are given at the Panera Bread at 6123 Capital Blvd (at the corner of Old Wake Forest Rd across Capital from Triangle Town Center Mall). You will be invoiced through Square if there is at least two days before your appointment, otherwise Rev Su accepts cash and credit card at the reading time.



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