Throw a Tarot Reading Divination Party!

white pop-up tentRev Su is available for your private gathering as entertainment! A three-hour party (plus 15 minutes before and after for setup) is just $150 for any location within 30 miles of Rev Su's homebase on 4800 Walenda Rd, Raleigh NC 27604. Each additional mile incurs a $1 fee.

Rev Su has designed party invitations to add flair to your event! Check them out in her Zazzle Store!

Rev Su will perform all five types of divination for you and your guests with no individual charge beyond the cost of the party.

When you book your party, in the notes section, indicate if you would like Rev Su to set up the popup tent outside, or if she will be indoors at her table (please provide a 5'x5' space).

Click the BOOK NOW link on the right side of the screen to book your party today! You will be invoiced through Square before the event.

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tarot cardsRather than being set out in a traditional spread, these readings are intuitive. That means Rev Su lays out all the cards the questioner has handled, and feels each one for a physical sensation that says, "Pick me!" There are no reversed meanings in Rev Su's intuitive tarot readings.



I Ching coinsThis is a traditional Chinese form of lot casting divination using three two-sided coins. Rev Su uses paint to draw the resulting hexagram, along with its name and meaning.




Futhark runes in a bagThe Futhark runes are Old Norse letters that also have esoteric meanings. The questioner puts their hand in the rune bag to imbue them with their energy, then draws as many as feels right. Each one has a meaning and its opposite.




divination pendulumAfter the questioner answers some calibration questions to determine the pendulum's answers for that session, Rev Su acts as a conduit for the answers to up to seven yes-no-maybe questions being asked.



divination lotsCleromancy is divination from random groupings of objects. After handling the lots, the questioner cast them onto the table and Rev Su interprets the resulting tableau based on the interactions of the lots and the piece representing the questioner. A choice is made based on the situation, and the lots are cast again. This process is repeated twice.




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